FIFA 21 Cheats for more Coins and Points

Everyone wants to get free FIFA 21 Ultimate Team coins and points in the shortest period of time. Absolutely understandable, because every week the most competitive players are competing against each other to make it in the Top 100. Let us break down the best FUT 21 cheats to get an enormous amount of coins and points for the game.


FIFA 21 Autobuyer

Since the FUT Autobuyer has been introduced the first time in 2013 it has become more popular every single year. For a pretty long time trading was one way to get a huge amount of coins, but this changed when the auto buyer became extremely popular. Now it is so difficult to find a great deal on the transfer market because the auto buyer is buying the specific player just within one second after it has been listed on the market. This situation makes it impossible for a normal gamer or better to say humans to buy such players. You might have seen it by yourself before: A player listed on the market for a price way under the value, but after one second it is already gone. That’s typically the auto buyer doing his work.

There are a few working auto buyers for FIFA 21, but you should be really careful. Once EA detected it you should stop using it.

how to get free fifa 21 coins
Any idea how to get free FIFA 21 coins and points?!

Buying Coins

Until FIFA 17 buying coins was a really good option. Until EA started to crack down all the sellers and the accounts. In FIFA 15 they introduced a price range, which made it way harder to buy coins. Don’t forget: Electronic Arts wants you to buy as many FIFA Points as possible. They don’t want you to buy coins. This is why they started to ban and go after accounts, which are buying the coins. What nobody tells you is: Some accounts and platforms selling coins are coming directly from EA. Yes, you read it right: EA is actually selling coins. But don’t get me wrong. They are selling coins in order to see who is using it. After this, they are going to ban the account. This is pretty sneaky, right?


The FIFA 21 Coin Generator

This is probably the most feared, but also the easiest solution. The FIFA coin generator has been around for a pretty long time now. It was first introduced to the community in 2011, but it was only available for a handful of a gamer until someone made it public for everyone. Until now there are so many rumors about the hack. We tried the latest version of the FIFA 21 hack and we are really satisfied with it. It is really easy to use!

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