How to use the free FIFA 21 coins

Before we start: Yes, it is possible to cheat and hack FUT 21 in order to get free coins and points. It doesn’t even matter whether you are playing on the Xbox, PlayStation or PC.

Any risks?

Maybe it is the first time you came across the FIFA 21 hack and you might wonder whether your PSN, Xbox Live or Origin account will get suspended from EA sooner or later. The answer is no. There is literally no risk for you of getting banned. Nobody will see you used the FIFA 21 coin generator, because several encryption methods are hiding your account name. No one will ever figure out you used cheats to get free coins.

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Get free FIFA 21 Points and Coins!

How to use free FIFA 21 coins

Now let us imagine you belong to the thousands of other gamers, who come to our website every day and who generate free points and coins without any hesitation. What would you do with the coins? What can you do? Literally everything you want. The coins or points will not disappear from your team. You can buy players, open packs or just save them. It really depends on what is fun for you. Some people really like to open packs and make live streams on Twitch or YouTube. The awesome thing about the free FUT 21 coins and points is you never need to worry about whether you are unlucky or lucky.

Normally the situation is quite depressing. You just bought FIFA Points for $50 or more, you open packs and you’ll get from the packs are just average players and rare consumable items like rare player contracts or such. It can be frustrating. In order to prevent this we help you to get free coins and points. You can literally do whatever you want without spending any money. It helps you a lot. We highly recommend you to run the FIFA 21 hack, because it makes the game so much easier and fun. You never need to worry about wasting money again.

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