FUT 21 Points and Coins Hack for PlayStation, PC and Xbox

Get infinite FIFA 21 UT coins and points

The FIFA 21 UT hack lets you generate the number of coins and points you want to receive. It is entirely up to you how many you get. It is amazing how you can easily choose the number of coins and points on the Generator without any restrictions. Also, you can run the hack whenever you want. At the moment it works on every smartphone, PC and also on the tablet. We are always looking forward to implementing even more features into the hack.

fifa 21 coins hack no survey

How to use the free Ultimate Team coins?

It is your choice how to use them. Once you get the FUT coins in your team you can decide to do whatever you want. There is no limit to it. Buy players, open packs or just keep the coins. At the beginning of the game we recommend you to open as many packs as possible. You could literally spend hours with opening FUT packs. Keep in mind at the beginning of FUT 21 there are only normal Premium Goldsets, which include only three rare cards. If you are unlucky you will get only one rare player and two rare objects like player contracts or fitness. This is why you should open as many as possible.

Keep in mind it all depends on luck. I had the situation where I started playing FIFA 18 right after the release and unpacked Aguero, Ronaldo and Neuer just within the first 20 packs I opened. It was hilarious. However, when I started playing FIFA 19 I was using more than 10k FIFA Points, but didn’t get a single player with an overall over 86.

If you feel tired of opening packs you can simply take a break or buy the players on the transfer market.

FIFA 21 coin generator for free coins and points on FUT
Use the FIFA 21 coin generator for the Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo & PC!

The FUT 21 Generator works on the Nextgen platforms as well!

Later this year the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X will be released. Since they are also running with PlayStation Network and Xbox Live you won’t see any difference. It will be still the same. The FIFA 21 UT hack works in the way it will connect with the database of the game. Nothing else. It really doesn’t matter if you play FUT on the new PS5 or the PS4. It simply comes down to the platform (PSN or Xbox Live) and the EA database.

We will make sure the FIFA 21 hack works for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Don’t worry about that!

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