Get the best players on FUT 21 for free

Everyone wants to get the best players on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, but getting them is hard. Let us be honest here: Most gamers are using their real money to get FIFA Points in order to open as many packs as possible. Everyone knows they are wasting their money because they have zero control over what players they get from the packs.

Use FIFA 21 cheats to get players

The best method to get free FIFA 21 coins and points is by using cheats. Once you got the coins and points you can buy any player you want. You can also open as many packs as you want. It is completely up to you. Don’t worry, the items won’t disappear since a new update has been released. You can run the FUT 21 coins hack as often as you want.

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It works for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC

A few years ago the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team hack was quite a pain. It worked only for the PlayStation, only for the Xbox and there were versions of it, which would only work for the PC. From now on there is an all in one solution, which can be used for every platform and for all versions of the game. It doesn’t matter what update or patch you just installed. It works everywhere! This makes it the best possible solution. We would highly recommend everyone to use the FIFA 21 coin generator for the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. By the way, the online FIFA 21 coin generator also works for the new PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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Save time and real money

Someone could argue the main reason to use the FIFA 21 hack is to get players and form the biggest and strongest squad. No, no, it is about money and time. What are the FIFA Points? They are a fast solution for everyone who wants to get better players. If you don’t have FIFA Points or coins you will need to play matches, participate in tournaments, or do Squad Building Challenges. All of them are taking a lot of time. If you are using FIFA Points to get better players you need a lot of them.

The most packs only include rare consumable objects and average players. They are absolutely not worth it. You probably know it already!

Instead, you could just use the FIFA 21 coin generator and get yourself an enormous amount of coins and points on your account. No need to waste time. Generate free FIFA 21 coins, head over to the transfer market, and start getting the player you need or want. Simple as that!

No Download needed!

You know about the FIFA 21 generator, but you didn’t use it yet? Let me explain how it can change literally everything! You won’t need to worry about having worse players than your opponent. Easily get the best available players in the game!

Online Generator for even more points and coins

Instead of keeping spending money for FIFA Points you can easily generate free coins and points by using the FIFA 21 coin generator no human verification. It is probably one of the easiest, fasted and most reliable methods on how to dominate the mode. Unfortunately, FIFA UT is all about having a better team and players like Ronaldo, Messi or FUT Icons. It is quite sad skills are not so important anymore. Especially when it comes to important tournaments like the FUT Champions Cup you need a great team.

It is way easier to score if you Ronaldo and Pele upfront than if you have Lukaku and Morata. This is why the most pros are having the best possible players in their team.

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Any idea how to get free FIFA 21 coins and points?!

User-friendly and easy to use

The FIFA 21 hack itself is really easy to use. You only need to press a few buttons in order to make it work. There are just a few simple steps you have to make. You can decide by yourself whether how many free coins and points you would like to generate. We found it by far the best method. The developers are always updating the FIFA 21 coins hack to make sure it keeps working. We don’t know anyone who ever got disappointed. Every single gamer got the points and coins just within a couple of minutes!

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No risks for you

If you are afraid to use the FUT 21 hack, because you think you might get banned I can calm you down. We really never heard of anyone who received a ban by using the online hack. One reason might be because there are proxies and other encryption methods integrated into the hack, which makes it incredibly difficult for bots, admins or anyone else to find out whether you used cheats or hacks for Ultimate Team. Keep in mind the developers are always adding new features and improving the existing hack to make sure you are completely anonymous.

It is definitely a great way to get more points and coins for FUT. Give it a try and you’ll see by yourself!

You are wondering how the FIFA 21 coin generator works? No problem here is a step by step tutorial.

How to use the free FIFA 21 coins

Before we start: Yes, it is possible to cheat and hack FUT 21 in order to get free coins and points. It doesn’t even matter whether you are playing on the Xbox, PlayStation or PC.

Any risks?

Maybe it is the first time you came across the FIFA 21 hack and you might wonder whether your PSN, Xbox Live or Origin account will get suspended from EA sooner or later. The answer is no. There is literally no risk for you of getting banned. Nobody will see you used the FIFA 21 coin generator, because several encryption methods are hiding your account name. No one will ever figure out you used cheats to get free coins.

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Get free FIFA 21 Points and Coins!

How to use free FIFA 21 coins

Now let us imagine you belong to the thousands of other gamers, who come to our website every day and who generate free points and coins without any hesitation. What would you do with the coins? What can you do? Literally everything you want. The coins or points will not disappear from your team. You can buy players, open packs or just save them. It really depends on what is fun for you. Some people really like to open packs and make live streams on Twitch or YouTube. The awesome thing about the free FUT 21 coins and points is you never need to worry about whether you are unlucky or lucky.

Normally the situation is quite depressing. You just bought FIFA Points for $50 or more, you open packs and you’ll get from the packs are just average players and rare consumable items like rare player contracts or such. It can be frustrating. In order to prevent this we help you to get free coins and points. You can literally do whatever you want without spending any money. It helps you a lot. We highly recommend you to run the FIFA 21 hack, because it makes the game so much easier and fun. You never need to worry about wasting money again.

FIFA 21 Cheats for more Coins and Points

Everyone wants to get free FIFA 21 Ultimate Team coins and points in the shortest period of time. Absolutely understandable, because every week the most competitive players are competing against each other to make it in the Top 100. Let us break down the best FUT 21 cheats to get an enormous amount of coins and points for the game.


FIFA 21 Autobuyer

Since the FUT Autobuyer has been introduced the first time in 2013 it has become more popular every single year. For a pretty long time trading was one way to get a huge amount of coins, but this changed when the auto buyer became extremely popular. Now it is so difficult to find a great deal on the transfer market because the auto buyer is buying the specific player just within one second after it has been listed on the market. This situation makes it impossible for a normal gamer or better to say humans to buy such players. You might have seen it by yourself before: A player listed on the market for a price way under the value, but after one second it is already gone. That’s typically the auto buyer doing his work.

There are a few working auto buyers for FIFA 21, but you should be really careful. Once EA detected it you should stop using it.

how to get free fifa 21 coins
Any idea how to get free FIFA 21 coins and points?!

Buying Coins

Until FIFA 17 buying coins was a really good option. Until EA started to crack down all the sellers and the accounts. In FIFA 15 they introduced a price range, which made it way harder to buy coins. Don’t forget: Electronic Arts wants you to buy as many FIFA Points as possible. They don’t want you to buy coins. This is why they started to ban and go after accounts, which are buying the coins. What nobody tells you is: Some accounts and platforms selling coins are coming directly from EA. Yes, you read it right: EA is actually selling coins. But don’t get me wrong. They are selling coins in order to see who is using it. After this, they are going to ban the account. This is pretty sneaky, right?


The FIFA 21 Coin Generator

This is probably the most feared, but also the easiest solution. The FIFA coin generator has been around for a pretty long time now. It was first introduced to the community in 2011, but it was only available for a handful of a gamer until someone made it public for everyone. Until now there are so many rumors about the hack. We tried the latest version of the FIFA 21 hack and we are really satisfied with it. It is really easy to use!

If you want to know how the FIFA 21 coins hack works check this out!

FUT 21 Points and Coins Hack for PlayStation, PC and Xbox

Get infinite FIFA 21 UT coins and points

The FIFA 21 UT hack lets you generate the number of coins and points you want to receive. It is entirely up to you how many you get. It is amazing how you can easily choose the number of coins and points on the Generator without any restrictions. Also, you can run the hack whenever you want. At the moment it works on every smartphone, PC and also on the tablet. We are always looking forward to implementing even more features into the hack.

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How to use the free Ultimate Team coins?

It is your choice how to use them. Once you get the FUT coins in your team you can decide to do whatever you want. There is no limit to it. Buy players, open packs or just keep the coins. At the beginning of the game we recommend you to open as many packs as possible. You could literally spend hours with opening FUT packs. Keep in mind at the beginning of FUT 21 there are only normal Premium Goldsets, which include only three rare cards. If you are unlucky you will get only one rare player and two rare objects like player contracts or fitness. This is why you should open as many as possible.

Keep in mind it all depends on luck. I had the situation where I started playing FIFA 18 right after the release and unpacked Aguero, Ronaldo and Neuer just within the first 20 packs I opened. It was hilarious. However, when I started playing FIFA 19 I was using more than 10k FIFA Points, but didn’t get a single player with an overall over 86.

If you feel tired of opening packs you can simply take a break or buy the players on the transfer market.

FIFA 21 coin generator for free coins and points on FUT
Use the FIFA 21 coin generator for the Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo & PC!

The FUT 21 Generator works on the Nextgen platforms as well!

Later this year the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X will be released. Since they are also running with PlayStation Network and Xbox Live you won’t see any difference. It will be still the same. The FIFA 21 UT hack works in the way it will connect with the database of the game. Nothing else. It really doesn’t matter if you play FUT on the new PS5 or the PS4. It simply comes down to the platform (PSN or Xbox Live) and the EA database.

We will make sure the FIFA 21 hack works for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Don’t worry about that!